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Since the first prayer camp in 2006 at “Norkalni” till today there have been 13 camps where hundreds of young people from different cities, churches and denominations of Latvia have come together. In each camp God did something special – some young people experienced God for the first time and decided to follow Him. There were others to whom God spoke, He renewed and called them to be people of prayer. Others made serious decisions to change something in their lives and truly follow Jesus. More about this in the following testimonies: 


 Juliāna Sokolova

“History Makers” is special camp for me. Some years ago I was there for the first time and it was my first camp ever. In that time I had gone to church for around half a year but I didn`t know God personally. On the second day of camp I strongly felt God’s touch, and He came into my heart. I met Him personally and I found in Him everything that I was looking for all of my life. He filled the emptiness with His love, forgave my sins, renewed me, and changed my thinking and purpose of life. From that moment my life was totally changed because GOD started to live in me and lead my life. I`m thankful to “History Makers” leaders for this camp, the vision that they’ve received from God and being sensitive to the Holy Spirit. I encourage everyone to go to this camp because you will meet Jesus there! In that moment I understood Latvian just a little bit, but that wasn’t a problem to meet God and gain eternal life! :) God is good!!! Very good!!!



Inga Terlanova

I had known about God since my childhood. I knew about all miracles what Jesus did when He was on Earth. I went to Sunday school and got baptized, but after few months I went away from church and God. I still don’t know the reason for it! I changed my school and evil things started to come into me – I started to hate people, fight, I drank a lot, I was listening depressive music, I smoked, and I went to every possible party. At that time I thought it was cool and modern. After a person whom I knew well passed away, I started to think – is there any purpose for life? Now I can say – YES! Then I sometimes went to church services, but kept going to parties.


One day I came home after church and I told my mom that there will be a prayer camp in Jelgava. My mom, even though she was an unbeliever, said: “You should go!” And then it came – camp “History Makers 8” on 8th February 2009! In the beginning everyone in the camp seemed weird because they smiled so much! I thought: “Maybe they smoke here?”


Then the evening prayer meeting started and pastor Sam talked about a woman from the Bible – Tamara. And I had a feeling that he is talking about me! God touched me. In this camp I met God who never leaves, God whom you can trust, God who never changes, God who loves you even if you have done something wrong! Since then my life has been changed for 180 degrees.


All glory and praise to Jesus Christ! 



Sandra Jermacāne

I got interested in Christian camps for the first time when I saw one of my classmate’s pictures from a camp online. At that time I didn’t believe in God. I was living a normal teenage life – trying to find my identity everywhere except in God.


I had never been to this kind of camp and I understood that I want to go there.


So, God brought me to one of the History Makers camps (March, 2008). I didn’t realize who He was. I went to evening meetings and I didn’t understand why did I need to sing the same line so many times, why did some people rise up the hands… What was happening there? I understood that I was the only person in the camp who didn’t believe in God and I felt that I didn’t have what everyone else had… I was scared (especially from the pastor)!


BUT :) There were some things that God showed me in this camp. I saw how everyone hugged each other and smiled when they met… as if they were old friends. I saw a true love between Christians. And also I started to get to know other Christians, talk and spend time together. I saw that they are the same people as me but, still, they had something more.


So I came back home and gradually God started to draw me closer to Him. And after a while I understood how much God loves me and the main thing – that He IS! :)



Ilona Kožokara

I went to History Makers camp for the first time in autumn 2007, because a friend invited me and I wanted to take a break of my everyday routine. I remember how weird it seemed that there was “PLAD” – personal time with God! And it was 1 hour! All the time and sermons in the camp were pointing to this – God wants a PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH EACH OF US. With God we can have MORE in life!


I kept going to these camps and I felt the need to develop my prayer life, relationship with God and being a person who prays and seeks God! In one particular camp God spoke to me about fasting, so I started to practice it in my life. 


To sum up – I have been in 9 prayer camps and I can talk a lot about what God has done during this time of my life. He has spoken to me, encouraged me and given me friends. But the most important is His calling and thirst to pray, seek and live together with Him for real! To be a person of prayer!  


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