History Makers | Who are we?




History Makers is a youth organization that brings together young people from various denominations, nationalities and walks of life. Our ministry is based on Christian core values, however, it is an inter-denominational project. History Makers began in 2006 as a prayer camp, but now it has grown into a youth movement. Our goal is to inspire, to train, to involve and to set a good example to young people. We want to awaken a love for Christ and His Church, to restore passion for witnessing and to renew unity among Christians.

History Makers cooperates with churches of Latvia and other youth organizations to help young people and churches to see positive changes in Latvia. You also have the opportunity to participate in making history!

Today the organization reaches more than 2,000 young people within a year. Every year a conference, a big summer camp, youth evenings, training seminars and other events are organized. The main goals of the organization concern informal training, social integration and high quality leisure time. Our desire is to create wholesome, intelligent personalities based on Christian values as well as help young people overcome different ethnic, social and denominational barriers by creating respect and understanding for each other.

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