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HMworship.com is a free praise and worship tool for an active musician. In a way, it can be called a digital song book, because HMW is the largest database of Christian songs, chords and lyrics in Latvia. Worship leaders (or other team members) can facilitate their work by browsing the songs anywhere in digital form.


HMW is an application on the Internet, which allows the user to easily oversee a large database of chords and lyrics of the songs. The advantages of this application:

  • The user can see the songs also when there is no access to the Internet;
  • You can create playlists and share them with other worship team members;
  • The songs can be adjusted to your requirements – you can change the font size, add / remove chords;
  • You can change the key, which automatically adjusts the chords;
  • You can add songs to lists;
  • You can print songs out easily;
  • You can add new songs to the database.


The application is particularly useful to those worship members who have a tablet. In this case, a list of the songs can completely replace the pile of printed chord sheets. It is very easy to use the swipe function on the screen to switch songs, as well as to quickly find the right song in case something changes.

We believe that this application will help worship members in the 21st century church and be useful in preparation for their ministry. An easy access to a broad song database and the possibility to customize the songs to one’s needs will help in learning to play an instrument, to sing praise, as well as to lead worship.

Have a look at this application here: www.HMworship.com

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