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History Makers EVENING

History Makers EVENING is an evening in the presence of God. It is very much like an evening meeting of the History Makers conference or camp. What differs is the fact that this evening takes place in one of the cities of Latvia or churches in Riga – in other words, we are going to the youth.

Although the target audience of History Makers are young people, everyone is welcome to these evenings. We will join in prayer, listen to God’s word, pray for each other and set our hearts on His wave. It will not be about specific people, churches or denominations, but we will all stand together before God.

The aim of History Makers EVENING is to inspire and ignite the hearts of young people. These evenings are not about who is participating or preaching. These evenings are only and exclusively about Him - about Jesus. We want to light a fire in each city, so that young people become true history makers.

Perhaps you would also like this evening to take place in your city or church. You have the opportunity to invite us. You can do this by writing to info@historymakers.lv.



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